iBanza (Pty) Ltd was established during 2007 to compete in the Iternet Service Provision market. It was awarded a VANS license, which was later converted to ECS & ECNS licenses by ICASA. It has since developed into a a niche market player in the telecoms industry.

Core Values

We believe that our relationship with our customer is more important than gross profiteering. There is more than enough margin in our business model for us to make a respectable profit, whilst at the same time allowing our most important element, our customers, access to world class broadband internet services. This is how we can afford to offer the BEST prices in the market, and remain competitive.


021 839 5080

Regulatory Info

ICASA: 0290/iecs/mar09 & 0290/iecns/mar09
CIPC: 2006/036490/07
VAT: 4600256467


Our management team has extensive knowledge of communications technologies, with military training complemented by corporate experience.

iBanza (Pty) Ltd is proud to be a Neotel Channel partner, which allows us to bring you the best South African internet experience.

iBanza! Simply Connecting Real People since 2007!